PLC Training Briefcase FBs-TBOX

PLC Training Briefcase FBs-TBOX
  • 46cm X 32cm X 16cm suitcase
  • containing FBs-24MCT main unit
  • FBs-CM25E communication module (RS232 + RS485 + Ethernet network)
  • 14 simulated input switches
  • 10 external relay isolation output
  • Doctor terminal outlet I/O
  • peripherals such as stepping motor
  • encoder
  • 7 segment display
  • 10 of 10mm LED indicator thumbwheel switch and 16key keyboard.


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 The Training Box is an excellent tool for learning ladder logic Programming in realistic applications. The ladder logic language is very similar among different brands of PLCs.

The Fatek software development environment, called WinProLadder, is very similar to AB's RSLogix (Micrologix).
Programming skills developed with the Training Box are applicable to PLC programming in general. 

It contains the FBs-24MCT advanced main unit, the FBs-CM25E Ethernet module, digital input sockets, simulated switches, and digital output sockets.

The built-in RS232, RS485 and the Ethernet three ports (can be expanded to five with communication boards). This enables the teacher's computer to connect with training kits of all trainees to conduct networking on-line teaching subjects such as loading, monitoring, modifying, and storing. Also, can be used in advanced courses such as computer connection and intelligent ASCII peripherals.

A special designed software will allow the instructor to download or upload ladder programs to/from the trainee PLC for a entire class of through an individual computer.